Stewardship Pemberton - Little Saplings Donation 2021

Stewardship Pemberton - Little Saplings Donation 2021

7K Donation 2021

Children On Nature Trail With Adult

As with many other non-profits, 2020 was a difficult financial year due to the pandemic and Stewardship Pemberton faced cancelling the Little Sapling program.

The Stewardship Pemberton Little Saplings programming is valuable in many different ways and instills a love and appreciation of nature from a very young age.

Children Running Outdoors

Nature Play

Through nature play, children develop a deep appreciation for the natural world and gain/master many valuable sub-skills in Nature Play including:

  • exploration
  • confidence building
  • social skills
  • problem-solving skills
  • creative thinking
  • motor development
  • cognitive developments
  • self-understanding
  • attention

Child With Binoculars

The Ultimate Goal

The ultimate goal is to provide engaging environmental education for local children and youth to instill a sense of place and value that will endure a lifetime.  The program offers a safe and healthy place for preschool-aged children to explore and build necessary life skills while developing a valuable connection to nature.

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