Feasting for Change - Fruit Tree Project

Feasting for Change - Fruit Tree Project

$5.5K Total Donation (2021 $3K, 2020 $2.5K)

Ffc Picking Fruit The PWA donated $3K to the Stewardship Pemberton 2021 Feasting for Change program.  The Fruit Tree Project portion of the FFC program has had a substantial impact on the reduction of human-bear conflict. Blueberries Stewardship Pemberton is to be commended for running a comprehensive program that provides wide ranging benefits to many segments of our community. Reducing human-bear conflict and educational outreach is an important and ongoing issue.  Having the FFC program as the delivery vehicle to coordinate volunteers, provide community benefits and disseminate messaging will be vitally important moving forward, particularly as grizzly populations recover.

The Results?

2021 Fruit Tree Project by the Numbers

A report from Stewardship Pemberton


44 trees or grape vines harvested (vs. 34 previous year)
Plus 14 acres of blueberries


118 volunteer occurrences and an incredible 312 volunteer hours donated to the Pemberton Fruit Tree Project!

Total lbs of fruit harvested

4,027 lbs
(vs. 3,364 lbs in 2019)

Total lbs of fruit donated

2,299 lbs
(vs. 1,832 lbs in 2020 and 1,304 lbs in 2019)

The 2021 Pemberton Fruit Tree Projects has been an incredible success due, in part, to the generous support of the Pemberton Wildlife Association!

There was a significant reduction in human/wildlife conflicts within the VOP during 2020. The Black Bear reports numbered 41 vs. 121 from last year. The reduction in conflicts is due in part to the Feasting for Change fruit gleaning program, a very important and successful program that I fully support.  Thank you to the PWA for helping fund this program!

Brittany Mueller, Conservation Officer, Sea to Sky Zone -Whistler

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