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Grizzly Bear

Nature Talks: The Grizzly Bear

Over 200 nature lovers flocked to Invermere’s Community Centre for a Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) presentation on grizzly bears...
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Tenquille Lake View

Have you seen horses at Tenquille Lake this summer?

A PWA member reported damage to vegetation on the south east shoreline of Tenquille Lake on August 26th. The damage was caused by...
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Grizzly Bear

Mammal Monitoring Project

Motion-sensing cameras have been placed in the Tenquille Lake Trail region. The cameras play an important role in monitoring wildlife, helping us...
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Tenquille Lake Hike

Heli-biking Tenure Application in Pemberton Area

The debate about heli-biking in the TOLRA has been going on for over ten years. The PWA has consistently objected to the activity due to...
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