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Shooting Range

Jackrabbits & Big Game Hunters

Empty ammunition shells glint in the sun. I crunch through the snow above Suicide Hill, trying not to flinch at the crack-crack of rifle shots
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Moose In Forest

Moose Poached on the Hurley

Sometime between June 4 - 7, 2020 an adult bull moose was illegally shot and left on the side of the road at the summit
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Lillooet Lake

PWA supports provincial enforcement on unlicensed adventure tourism

For a number of years, the PWA has expressed concern about the lack of management of the recent exploding recreational and adventure tourism...
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Great Blue Heron

Working Together for Wildlife!

The PWA is undertaking a number of wildlife projects this year in the Lillooet, Birkenhead, and Gates River watersheds. Learn more...
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