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A Team of Dedicated Volunteers

Pemberton Wildlife Association is a not-for-profit organization run by a dedicated team of volunteers. Learn more about our committees and associated activities below by clicking the link for PWA Directors or any of our committees.


President: Greg Reamsbottom

Vice-President: Dave Gheriani

Treasurer: Trevor Renard

Secretary: Coming Soon!

Past-President: Allen McEwan

Membership Coordinator: Carmen Stacey

Officer & Membership History

PWA Officer History (1962 to 2009)

PWA Membership History (1962 to 2006)

The Archery Committee is responsible for maintenance, improvements, and events on the PWA Archery Range.

Committee ContactIan Jackson

The PWA fisheries committee is involved in freshwater fish such as trout and char and anadromous species such as salmon. We are involved in habitat protection, restoration, community education, and stock assessment. In addition, we work with lake, stream and wetland habitats. Some of our partners include provincial and federal experts, First Nation and local governments and other NGOs.

The Pemberton Valley is rich in aquatic life. For example, the Birkenhead River supports an excellent, genetically unique chinook salmon. The coho travel far into every corner of the watershed, and the sockeye can turn our rivers red. In addition, our rivers support steelhead, and bull trout populations and the cutthroat are found in incredible places.

Great fisheries project the PWA has been a part of include Fee Creek habitat restoration, One Mile Lake Nature Centre and salmon habitat restoration, RoHB Creek habitat restoration and the acquisition of essential valley bottom wetland.

Committee ContactVeronica Woodruff

Responsible for maintenance, improvements, and events on the PWA Rifle & Handgun (Tactical) Range.

Committee ContactGreg Reamsbottom

The Sharpshooters program is run by PWA volunteers and the main focus is firearm safety.

The PWA runs an 8 week firearm safety program for youth aged 8-15, every Spring. Participants are taught the skills needed to safely operate and fire .22 LR rifles, which are provided by the PWA. The program concentrates on instilling safe handling, responsibility, and correct range procedures as well as techniques to shoot accurately and effectively. Sharpshooters is run as a community service; the PWA does not charge any fees to attend, nor do participants need to be members of the PWA. 

Committee ContactMeghan Menzel

The PWA is responsible for the maintenance and management of trails and recreation sites within the Tenquille-Owl Lakes Recreation Area through an agreement with the Provincial Government. Our mandate is to maintain the area for the purpose of recreational and conservation activities and provide safe, navigable trails into a wilderness environment for all non-motorized users†.

Club volunteers work hard to open up trails in the Spring, clearing fallen trees and brush, and conducting repairs throughout the season till early winter. Funding for materials and cabin supplies is provided by the PWA. Donations are gratefully accepted!

The provincial government also helps with funding, supplies and work on projects beyond PWA resources such as FSR and branch road upkeep.

Our biggest recent project was the construction of the Tenquille Lake Cabin (summer 2011) replacing the original, built in the 1940s. Truly a collaboration of many community members, the PWA helped steer the administrative and permitting process in addition to managing the donations and funding. The PWA continues to manage the shelter and provide upkeep and repairs.

Committee Contact: Mark Robichaud

The Trap Committee oversees the operation of the Trap Range at the PWA Range. The committee. arranges and hosts periodic target shooting events throughout the year. During the Spring there is a ‘Team Trap’ program that runs for 5 weeks, usually beginning in the first week of May and running for eight weeks. Cost is minimal and all skill levels are invited. Teams are averaged in skill so every team has an equal chance at the start.

During the Summer months from June to early September,  ‘Fun & Beginner ‘ nights start in June and run to early September and are open to PWA members and range pass holders, as well as people who are interested in trying out the sport.  It is not necessary to be a member or range pass holder to participate. PWA Club shotguns are available for use by beginners and firearms safety and operation training is provided. Participants who are not club members must sign a liability waiver and pay an insurance fee. There is a fee for the use of ammunition and targets.

A ‘Fun’ shoot is traditionally held on December 26, Boxing Day, starting at 11:00 AM and carrying on until all prizes have been awarded. There is a fee for participation.

There are a number of other Memorial Shoots throughout the year during Spring, Summer and Fall, where prizes are awarded and that include a number of different target presentations.

Committee ContactGord Menzel

The PWA Website Committee has the mandate to help develop and maintain the Pemberton Wildlife Association website. Content is managed through direction by the Executive. Once approved, the Webmaster ensures that updates and new content are posted as soon as possible. With that said, as most of the uploading work is done by volunteers, it is requested that time-sensitive material such as events, calendars, etc., are submitted at least 2 weeks prior to any applicable deadline. It is also requested that, as much as possible, submitted material is drafted to be timeless.

Committee Contact: To be confirmed

The Committee is responsible for dealing with any wildlife matter which the membership feels deserves PWA attention. We have worked with the Conservation officers on enforcement issues, with the Biologists on management issues, and with the Habitat Dep’t to preserve critical ungulate winter ranges. The Lillooet River and Gates Creek watersheds are our main focus, but we have commented on provincial issues from time to time as well.

Committee Contact: Chad Gilmore

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